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Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information


Without equal as a “retriever” this breed is friendly and beautiful and does as well hunting as it does playing in a home with children. Loved for its sweet facial expression and its friendliness, the Golden Retriever is obedient and affectionate. This breed does extremely well with children and loves playing with them and despite its size can adapt well to sleeping on the floor. Bred as a working dog they love to learn and do so with an amazing rapidness.

Exercise: Even though this big dog sometimes looks clumsy it needs at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily.

Specialized care: Can live outdoors without difficult and is little affected by cold and humid conditions. The Golden Retriever has a dense undercoat that needs regular careful attention and brushing. The skin and coat have a strong smelling greasy secretion that is unique to this breed. It is very important that their diets be monitored and that they be exercised faithfully and sufficiently because if not they will quickly become overweight and this can lead to a multitude of problems.

Minimum height:

  • Males: 56 to 61 centimeters
  • Females: 51 to 56 centimeters

Appropriate for: The Golden Retrievers love of children makes them ideal for families. They love to be close to their masters and can get along well with other animals.


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