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Great Dane Dog Information


The Great Dane Dog because of its powerful and elegant appearance was for many centuries considered the dog of nobility. Many kings and princes used this breed when hunting or as a companion when riding in their chariots. Despite is enormous size and build the Great Dane is a very relaxed and calm breed that gets along well not only with humans but also other dogs and animals. As long as the Great Dane doesn’t feel that its masters are in danger this dog is very well behaved and easy going. Either as a companion dog or as a hunting partner this dog responds well to training and in fact is not happy without stimulus.


Full of energy and power this breed must be allowed plenty of vigorous exercise daily to avoid it becoming overweight.

Specialized care: 

The Great Dane Dog needs to be groomed with frequency, should not be made to sleep outdoors in the open or exposed to drafts of cold air. In some countries it is customary to cut the tips of the Great Danes’ ears. Due to its weight and short coat this breed is susceptible to forming calluses and so should be given a soft dog bed to sleep in. Eats large and sometimes unimaginable amounts of food, but special care must be taken not to allow it to become overweight as this will have serious detrimental consequences for it.

Great Dane Information on Minimum height:

  • Male: 80 centimeters
  • Female: 72 centimeters

Appropriate Great Dane Information for: 

In spite of its great size and strength the Great Dane is by nature a sweet and friendly dog that loves children and gets along well with other animals.


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