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Grooming your dog


How much grooming your dog will need depends entirely on what breed you have. Some breeds like Collies and Maltese needs daily brushing and combing whereas other breeds like Dobermans and Boxers need to be groomed much less often. Other factors such as whether your dog lives indoors or outdoors, whether your dog is a pedigree or mixed also will have an impact on the amount of care and grooming your dog’s coat will need.
Obviously dogs that have short haired coats will generally need less or your attention than those dogs that have long silky haired coats. Regardless of the breed you have keeping it clean and well groomed will not only help your dog to look its best but it will also make life more comfortable for your dog.
When your dog is shedding it is especially important to brush and comb its coat. Being faithful with this will also keep your house from becoming one big fur ball. When grooming your dog be sure to also check for any skin irritations, ticks, fleas, injuries or other problems. It is good to get your dog used to having its coat brushed and combed from the time it is a puppy. With time most dogs learn to enjoy being groomed but if your dog gives you a lot of problems then you will probably want to seek professional help.

Dog Brushes and Combs: Here is a list of some of the tools that you will need in order to groom your dog well and keep it looking its best.

Brush: Be sure to choose a brush that is appropriate for your type of breed. The most recommended type of brush is a soft wire one that removes tangles with out irritating the skin of the dog.

Comb: These are usually made out of steel and there are fine and coarse teeth ones. These combs can remove tangles and burrs on dogs that have long hair.

Currycomb: These are usually made out of rubber and they help remove loose hair from breeds with shorter hair. Currycombs also massage the dog’s skin.

Grooming glove: This glove is great for grooming the face of the dog as well as for brushing dogs that have very short hair. This glove is covered with hair catching material.

Shedding tool: This looks like a blade that has serrated edges and it is excellent for removing the excess hair and fur that accumulates on longhaired breeds.

Undercoat rake: The undercoat rake takes off the loose hair from the dense under coat that long haired breeds have.


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