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Ibiza Hound Dog Breed Information


The Ibiza Hound Dog’s imprint can be clearly seen on the tombs of the ancient Egyptian faros.

Height, weight: from 60 to 70 cm high. Weighs around 25 kg.

Fur, color: the most common ones have straight and stiff hair, but there are also cases with long hair. White, red or bicolor red and white.

Appropriate for: independent and fond lovers of nature and the countryside.
Not Appropriate for: sedentary people and those who love to live in the city.

As a member of the family: sedentary, usually favorites one person only. It is crucial to get it used to, from a young age, if you must live in the city, which is not very recommendable. It needs a lot of training and firmness.

Breed’s character: is a very primitive and rural dog. Its kept its physical and psychic qualities from the ancient hunters, from the Mediterranean till recent years. It has a lack of confidence, and sometimes even timid, when in a field.

Common sicknesses: are not known of.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.


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