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Improving the dog’s concentration with physical challenges


Improving the dog’s concentration with physical challenges.

The idea behind these exercises is to help both the dog trainer and dog to build deeper trust and confidence not only in each other but in themselves too. When faced with new and challenging situations the team is able to have successes that they had never imagined before and these successes build the trust and strengthen the bond between the dog and the trainer. The dog’s master learns to have more confidence in the dog and also in their own abilities and accomplishments. These exercises force the dog to concentrate on its body and movements and to perform the actions with greater focus. The positive results are quick in coming and are very apparent. When you see normally overactive or nervous dogs calming down and those that are usually easily distracted focusing more on the job at hand, you see the benefits of these exercises.

These exercises are not meant to be a competition. These are meant to help the dog to focus and concentrate on what is happening and on what it needs to do. The course instructor needs to make sure that the atmosphere surrounding these exercises is calm and focused on the goals of deepening the working relationship of the dog trainer and dog. The dog should be learning to work, focus and concentrate in such a way that instead of these exercises generating tension they would rather relieve it. At first all of these exercises need to be done with the dog on a leash. When the dog trainer gives commands in a calm and even voice manner it greatly helps the dog to concentrate better on the task at hand. Remember that the attitude and comportment of the dog trainer has a direct effect on the way the dog behaves. It is therefore the course instructors job to keep the dog trainer focused and calm which will in turn keep the dog focused and calm. This will ensure a greater probability of success that will in turn have positive results for everyone, both human and canine, involved in the exercises.


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