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Inside your dog’s house


In the interior of the house you can place a bed for your pooch (which you can buy at different sizes and prices) or you can also build one yourself by placing a wooden board, about 20 centimeters in height, the same length of the dog’s house and about one third in width (depending on the dogs size) of the house, then buy a washable mattress the same size. This will make it easy for you to wash it whenever necessary too. It’s very important, especially if your dog is to live outside, to keep his area extremely clean; the idea is to avoid the dog from getting infections on his skin and coat. Your dog will probably get used to spending time in his area, however it’s not advisable to keep him there all day and night since it is not good for a dog’s health and state of mind to be kept in one place all the time.

doghouse in your home: Perhaps you don’t have a garden, or you prefer to have your dog live inside with you, or maybe you own a small toydog. Whatever the case, you will need to assign a place inside your house that is private and not constantly populated with people, remember, dogs need their own private space. It’s very important the dog have a place it can go without being bothered since this will help the dog feel secure and protected. For the first few months of a puppy’s life you can just use a simple box with an opening in the front and a bed made out of newspaper. In the inside you should place a couple toys, a blanket, and a mattress eventually (you can even use and old sweater etc), doing this will make your puppy feel cozy and comfortable. Make sure that the area you give you puppy is a private one. Never force the puppy out of his doghouse and don’t allow the children go bother him during his rest times. When your puppy misbehaves, don’t punish him by sending him to his house: doing this will just make the puppy associate his house with a punishment spot instead of a cozy get away place. Later on when your dog has completed the teething stage (meaning he will not chew on everything anymore) you should consider getting him an appropriate more robust doghouse. There are many options for dog houses and beds: open baskets, plastic houses, wooden ones with interior beds, pillows, blankets, washable bedding and the list goes on and on.


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