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Interesting Dog Facts


In the VII century the most favorite dogs were hunting dogs, and several laws were written with the specific intent of protecting them. Some of the most favorite breeds came from the Orient after having been mixed.
However, whenever bigger animals needed to be hunted, people chose mixes of dogs that in the process of being crossed became more agile and faster giving origin to what we now know as the Alano.
There were also other favorites depending on the type of work that each person did.
For centuries, man tried to enhance and specialize the dog adapting it to different jobs, which in turn created the breeds we now have. However this job sometimes has been left incomplete by nature and it’s possible that in the same breed there is a diversity of qualities.

Mixed breeds: Mixed breed dogs usually live longer, are stronger, healthier, and these qualities almost always pass on the their descendants.

In the case of mixed dogs, selection is made spontaneously, and this assures to the maximum the physical and intellectual qualities; don’t be surprised if a mixed breed seems more lively and intelligent than a pure breed.

Importance of De-worming your dog: Remember that de-worming a dog should always be indicated by a veterinarian according to the age of the dog, his weight, if he lives with other pets, as well as the coat and skin situation of the dog. It’s best to do a feces analysis beforehand to be able to confirm if the dog has parasites, and in the event that he does, find out what type to be able to de-worm the puppy in the most effective and rapid way possible. Another factor to think about is that there are some parasites that can be passed on to humans – especially to children, who in many cases have a lot of contact with their pets. Therefore de-worming is extremely important.


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