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Lhasa Apso Dog Breed Information


The Lhasa Apso Dog is the favorite breed of the monasteries in Tibet. It has been raised there, for over 2000 years.

Height, weight: around 25 cm. Between 3 and 4 kg.

Fur, color: gold, bluish, gray, black and brown, sometimes mixed.

Appropriate for: people who live in apartments and don’t mind brushing the dog.Not Appropriate for: clean freaks and who resists dedicating a lot of care in the hair.

As a member of the family: happy, pleasant and intelligent, very devoted to the owner. Is untrusting towards strangers. Is ideal for families that live in an apartment.

Breed’s character: vigorous, very friendly and decided. Bold, intelligent and lively

Common sicknesses: not likely.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years or more.


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