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Making your garden dog safe


The first thing you want to check is the fencing around the house. Make sure that your fence does not have any openings where the puppy could escape. If you have a well in your house, you will need to cover it as well until the dog has grown at least. Make sure also if you have any birds, that their cages are firm and placed up high. Never give your puppy access to the garage since there are loads of dangerous treasures in it. Also make sure to avoid your dog from eating manure in the garden (an option is to use fresh manure from horses or cows). Gardening tools must always be put back in their places. Never leave poison, herbicides or any other toxic substances at reach of the puppy. One last thing to check is if your garden has any plants that could make the puppy sick if he were to eat them.

A dog or puppy’s house: The best thing for an older dog or puppy is to have a space it can consider its own.

Outside dog houses: If you have a garden an option is to build or buy a dog house. Make sure to pick a clean, dry place that is not exposed to air currents, so that the dog will be able to go in and out as needed to take care or his business, run around etc. Dog houses are usually made out of wood or fiber glass that resist different temperatures. These come in all sorts of different sizes (small, medium, and large), and it’s important that the doghouse be lifted from the ground to prevent humidity from getting in. The area in which your dog lives might need to be fenced, remember that dogs dig so you will want to make sure that the fence is not only high enough but stuck into the ground enough so that the dog does not dig himself out. You should place the fence about 20 to 30 centimeters inside the ground and the height of it should be and large enough in height so that the dog is not able to jump over it. Your dog’s house must have a comfortable easy access door and at least half of the house needs to be shaded. There are endless amounts of options when it comes to doghouses in the market; it’s just a matter of figuring out what would be most appropriate and comfortable for your dog. Remember that this all depends on the type of area you live in, the climate, season, etc.

Make sure to elevate your dog’s house from the ground so that cleaning is easier and to avoid the dog’s floor from getting wet and humid. The ideal is to get your dog a wooden dog house, that has a window in it so that it ventilates the space the dog’s space, an easy access door, a cement base that keeps it raised off the ground and a rubber floor underneath to avoid it from slipping.


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