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Maremmano Dog Breed Information


As a “shepherd” dog the Maremmano was used largely to defend the flock against predators rather than for herding the flock. The result is a dog that is very brave and at the same time quite independent and this combination makes this breed a great guard dog. With the instinct to protect smaller and weaker creatures, this dog is a most extraordinary companion for children. A most intelligent animal the Maremmano must receive consistent and firm training as otherwise it will simply ignore commands that it doesn’t agree with.
Often considering itself equal with its masters this dog has a long memory and will hold onto the good as well as the bad that happens to it.

Exercise: Loves open spaces and freedom and quickly becomes bored and unhappy with a routine lifestyle. Doesn’t do well indoors but if you have a large yard with plenty of shade (suffers greatly in hot weather) then this breed will be plenty happy.

Specialized care: Even though it has a long hairy white coat this breed keeps it self amazingly clean and usually needs just an occasionally brushing and grooming. It normally needs a bath just once a year. Because of the nature of this breed it is important to familiarize it with home life from the time it is a puppy. Its ears need constant and watchful attention.

Minimum height:

  • Males: 64 to 73 centimeters and 35 to 45 kilos
  • Females: 60 to 68 centimeters and 30 to 40 kilos

Appropriate for: Especially during its formative months this breed needs lots of exercise and physical stimulus. Though it prefers living outdoors the Maremmano can adapt to living in an apartment. Needs a master with a firm but fair hand so that it learns to have a loyal respect and to be obedient. Is well known for its instinctive drive to protect both the small and the weak, whether they be children or other animals.


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