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Meeting with dog on the street


Meeting with dog on the street. 

Two equal numbered groups will face each other at about a distance of six feet forming an “alley”. The last two groups walk toward each other simultaneously, and then turn toward the alley in pairs. After this practice, the pair should separate and go back to their correspondent group.

Meeting at the “corner of your house”. 

Use a corner of someone’s house or at one of the corners of the practice field to simulate meeting someone at the corner of their house. One of the dog trainers should pass by with their dog, and then a second dog trainer should come from the other side with his dog meaning; you will “run into” each other when you are close. Both dogs should continue on their walks concentrated without becoming distracted by the other group. If this practice were not to work, choose the distance from the other teams so that the dog perceives them, but do not let him become distracted until the point he cannot follow the signals of his dog trainer. Remember that this practice is for the dog to learn to obey.

Practicing with hands signs. 

The purpose of this practice is to show dog trainers that it is also possible to get the attention of a dog without the need of yelling at them. You will notice how many different ways there are of communication with your dogs, and at the same time, you will be able to enjoy doing these silent practices. If you have ever seen one of the demonstrations of this practice, you will have noticed how much it helps others presence the harmonious interaction of a dog and a man. This of course must be done with a very well trained dog. One of the prime objectives of this practice is that dogs learn the meaning of visual signs, in other words, that these same visual signs be used at the same time the dog trainer is verbally teaching the dog.


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