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Naming your new puppy


Finding an appropriate name for a puppy is always a very fun moment for the family to do because if implies the decision of everyone together. You could wait to have met and watched the dog and then name him according to his characteristics etc. Remember that it’s easier for dogs to remember names that have two consonants in them and that end in “O” or “A” such as “Fido” or “Tara” etc.
After having picked out a name for your new puppy, make sure to use this name associating it with play times and when you come back home from work etc, so that the puppy learns to recognize it and respond to it.

Some precautions to take with a dog: If you have made the decision of bringing a new puppy into your home, you must take some precautions in order to prevent accidents from happening. The following list of things will probably be a little freaky, but you will only need to modify a few things in your daily routine that don’t require of any major sacrifice, they are just intended to protect your house for the new puppy coming the same way you would do when a baby comes into the home.

Making your home “puppy safe”. You can consider a puppy the same way you would a toddler; he’s curious, does not have any sense of danger, and, if the dog is not kept an eye on, he can easily get into an accident.
Be very careful with protruding nails, loose cables (electric ones and telephone cords); puppies enjoy chewing on them. Make sure to always keep cables and cords in hidden places. You must also make sure to keep medications and dangerous tools always put away in secure places.
Don’t leave any objects or decorations (especially if they are heavy or made out of crystal) at reach of the dog because the dog will try to grab them and they could fall on top of him. If you need to leave the dog alone, avoid him from climbing onto the couches or getting a hold of shoes or clothes. Also make sure to protect your puppy from balconies, terraces, and stairs.


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