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Newfoundland Dog Breed Information


With its thick and impermeable coat, large webbed paws and excellent swimming abilities the Newfoundland appears to be a breed better suited for the water than for land. Its affinity with the water along with its self-sacrificial personality this breed is used extensively for water rescue work. Like the Saint Bernard the Newfoundland is also used in mountain rescue work. Friendly with adults, gentle and patient with children and tolerant of other domestic animals this giant of a dog also makes for a great guard dog. This breed is intelligent, affectionate and loyal with a strongly self-sacrificial and caring personality. While normally stable this dog can become fierce and aggressive if overly provoked.

Need for Exercise: One of the few breeds that “needs” to swim this dog requires lots of exercise and play time. It can do well living in a home as long as it gets good brisk daily walks.

Specialized care: Its unique special coat needs constant and careful attention. It is best to have a professional take care of the grooming of this dog.

Minimum height:

  • Males: 71 centimeters and 64 to 69 kilos
  • Females: 66 centimeters and 50 to 54 kilos

Appropriate for: Large, powerful and active the Newfoundland does best when living in a big yard. Can be trained as a guard dog, work dog but also does equally well as a family dog. Faithful and affectionate this dog needs to know it is loved.


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