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Dog trainer Jeff Morgan provided these images with all the dogs he and his wife, Yael, adopted and kept when they were running one of the most popular boarding kennels in Israel. The California native recently relocated to Newtown after spending more than a decade living abroad.

Practice with dogs standing in line: 

The teams stand in a line one next to the other at the same height. The dogs do not need to be on a leash and are free to walk alone. The course instructor calls a dog out and tells him to sit down, while the other follow on ahead. The dog trainer’s continue with the other teams. The dog needs to sit very quickly. As soon as the last dog is sitting, all of the dog trainers step about nine feet away from the dogs, and then turn toward the dogs. Now they find themselves in a straight line in front of the dogs. The dog trainer calls on his or her dog, after having gotten the dogs attention by calling him out by his name. The dog trainer has the dog sit next to him or her and puts the dog on a leash. All the other dogs need to be sitting, quietly in their places. The next dog trainer can then call out on his or her dog, but only when the first dog has already done what he was supposed and is sitting next to his dog trainer. If this practice were not to come out the right way it’s probably because a lot of time the difficulty of this practice is underestimated. It’s convenient to not practice it in with a big group of dogs, but with smaller groups of dogs, that do not get easily distracted.

Dog learning stages: 

In the next practices we present a completely different order of from the rest. A lot of dog trainers have probably by now gotten used to too many verbal orders and now trust in the person who assists them in these such as their course instructor; because of this the course instructor needs to be beside them on every practice. Within the next stages we will teach a more elevated training of memory, not only for the dogs though, but for dog trainers as well. For these practices you must write the orders in big sized and readable letters on big flash cards. This means you will need to do some work, but it is well worth it. The flash cards that you make will then be useful for other practices.


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