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Pedigree Dogs


There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs and choosing one can sometimes be an almost overwhelming task. Thankfully if you decide on getting a pedigree there are fewer chances of ending up with a dog that just doesn’t fit into your home, lifestyle or budget. Pedigree dogs are those that descended from one particular breed. Though no two dogs are exactly alike within dog breeds there are certain traits and characteristics that are common and to be expected. This predictability of pedigree dogs is definitely a plus for someone that wants to avoid any surprises as you know more or less from the start what the personality of your dog will be like. There is of course a down side to this selective breeding that all pedigree dogs have. Not only have all the good looks and personality traits been passed down generation after generation but also genetic flaws. This means that many pedigree dog breeds suffer from a variety of physical ailments. These problems can be minor, such as a tendency to having ear infections or they can be severe with some breeds commonly experiencing epilepsy or chronic heart problems.

Mixed Dog Breeds

Mixed breeds are those dogs that have no specific breed and therefore are not pedigree. Getting a mixed dog or mutt, as they are sometimes called, has both advantages and disadvantages. While pedigree dogs have similar traits and personalities as the other dogs of their particular breed, mixed dogs are just the opposite. It is almost impossible to know exactly how a mixed dog is going to mature and what its personality will be like. If you are planning on getting a mix that is still a puppy it is a good idea to try and meet the mother and father of the puppy. This way you will have some what of a good idea not only of the physical characteristics that your dog will have but also its comportment and character. Mixed dogs often suffer from fewer chronic ailments than pedigree dogs and are often healthier and live longer.


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