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Pekinese Dog Breed Information


Not seen in Europe until around the middle of the 19Th. century. The Chinese had for centuries considered the Pekinese a sacred animal and as such its sale or exportation was illegal. The privileged lifestyle it led has imprinted on this breed the aristocratic attitude and disdain for strangers that it is so famous for. They are lovable, playful and brave but at the same time proud. They need to always be the center of attention and for this reason does not get along well with children. They tend view children as competition for the love an affection that they feel is rightfully theirs.

Exercise needs: Typical of city dogs this breed needs a daily walk to keep fit. They also love being out and about, and a good run once in a while will not hurt them. Although it is important to keep in mind that their short muzzles impede their breathing and when the climate is hot it is important that they not overdo it.

Specialized care: The Pekinese’ coat needs daily brushing and regular grooming that is best if performed by a professional. This breed is very susceptible to eye problems and therefore it is vital to keep them clean and to take care of any problems immediately.


  • Males: 5 kilos
  • Females: 5.5 kilos

Appropriate for: Despite its aristocratic appearance, it is not a difficult dog and is particularly good for elderly couples that have the time to give it the loving attention that it craves.


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