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Pomeranian Dog Breed Information


This small dog has a big heart and in times past the Pomeranian was not only a lap dog for the nobility and aristocracy but also a ferocious farmyard watchdog and even used by city merchants to watch over and protect their merchandise. The Pomeranian has a nice personality and appearance and even though it is so small in size it will fearlessly attack any threat to its territory or masters and so makes for a wonderful guard dog. Happy and lively this breed bonds well with all the family members. Needs consistent and firm training from the time it is a puppy or else it can become self willed and overly aggressive.

Need for Exercise: The lively little Pomeranian needs to run and play as without good daily exercise this breed begins having physical and psychological problems.

Specialized care: The coat is dense with long hair but the hairs are very fragile and so though the Pomeranian needs daily brushing and combing it must be done with care. It also has a thick undercoat.

Minimum height:

  • Males: 27 to 30 centimeters
  • Females: 25 to 28 centimeters

Appropriate for: This breed is great for anyone who wants a small dog. The Pomeranian needs lots of movement and exercise and so isn’t good for senior citizens or lazy people. They are well suited as guard dogs but must receive good and firm training to ensure that their good qualities come to the fore.


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