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Poodle Dog Breed Information


Though the Poodle was originally bred as a water hunting dog and used extensively in circus acts this dog excels as a companion due to its happy and intelligent character. Lively, energetic and friendly the Poodle needs continuous and involved dog training to avoid it becoming rebellious and naughty.

Poodles need Exercise: 

This breed enjoys playing and walks and it is especially important for the larger varieties to get plenty of regular time outdoors. Though Poodles do well in apartments if they are not give regular exercise they will quickly become unruly and naughty. They love swimming.

Specialized care: 

Poodles must be groomed everyday to avoid their long soft hair becoming knotted or matted. It is especially important in summer to comb their hair with a shedding tool approximately every six weeks so that the heat does not become unbearable for them. If you plan to have this breed participate in any competitions it will be necessary to have its hair cut in the very distinct “lion cut.” Normally most people simply opt for the more modern cut where all of the Poodles hair is cut to a uniform length.


  • Giant poodle: 45 to 58 centimeters
  • Medium poodle: 35 to 45 centimeters
  • Toy poodle: 25 to 35 centimeters


  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • The skin of the Poodle can be: brown, gray, white or sliver but should always blend with the color of its coat.

Appropriate for: Adapts well to home life and the particular lifestyles of its owners. However it is not a good breed for homes with children as it is naturally highly competitive and has little patience.


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