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Practice a difficult search for the dog’s master


Practice a difficult search for the dog’s master

If the dog has understood well the idea behind searching for its master and has successfully performed the previous exercise on a number of occasions then it is ready for a more difficult version of the exercise. This time the assistant walks the dog away from where the dog’s master is about to hide so that the dog does not see where their master is hidden. Once hidden the dog trainer in hiding calls to the dog from their hiding place (but without showing themselves). The assistant releases the dog with a stimulating command.

Dog practice: finding a stranger. 

One of the dog trainers should hide out of sight of the dog. However, the person in charge of the game needs to know where this hiding place is located. Put a dog on a long leash, and the game will begin by doing a very intense search of the “missing” person by using the body language and correspondent movements. Make sure the dog does not run around or start digging at holes that are in the ground; the intention of this practice is for the dog to help his dog trainer by finding the “missing” person. When both the dog and the dog trainer have found the hiding person, that person (not the dog trainer) needs to reward the dog so that the dog sees it and associates finding strangers as a good experience. 

Next time the dog needs to do this practice again, he will be very delighted since he will want that prize again. If this practice were not to come out as planned, it’s probably because you need to pick an easier field to work in, or you could also shorten the distance. Try to avoid as much as possible any other distractions, such as other animals, children, etc. The person that hides will need to stimulate the dog and attract the dog from the moment they go out so that the dog is interested in this person and in finding him or her. Upon finding its master the dog should be heartily rewarded.


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