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Practice meeting with your dog using “Down”


Practice meeting with your dog using “Down”. 

Each team should walk simultaneously toward the other. Once the dog trainers have gotten to the middle they should stop and each one should give their dogs the “Down” command; the ideal is to keep a certain amount of distance between the teams. The dog trainers should go to the next dog trainer in front of them and stop. The course instructor will then give a signal and each dog trainer, one by one, should then go back and stand beside their dogs and stay there without moving. Once all of the dog trainers have gone back with their dogs, the course instructor will give another signal and the dogs assume the Starting Position. Then all the teams will continue their walk in the original direction, until running into each other again and then repeat the process.

Practice in the park. 

One dog trainer should be sitting on a bench in the park (you could also use some cushions in the practice field if you do not have access to a park). The dog will be sitting very closely to his dog trainer. Another dog trainer should then pass by with his dog, stop and command his dog to “Sit” or “Down”. The two dog trainers must carry on a conversation for a while, and during this time, both dogs need to remain still and in the position their dog trainers told them to be in. Then, the first dog trainer should stand up and command his dog in the starting position and stay with him. The second dog trainer will then take the first dog trainer’s place on the bench until another dog trainer comes along with his dog and so forth.

Meeting other dogs. 

After a little while, dogs within the same practice groups get to know each other so well that there is no danger in them confronting each other; and even more so when all the dogs are of the same breed. Because of this, it’s recommended to integrate a new dog into the group. The whole group can suggest the type and breed of dog they want to work with and this can even be repeated several times with several different dogs. The new dog should walk by the group; go toward them, or besides them. You will need to choose and well trained and tranquil dog for this.


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