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Practice meetings with dogs in the woods


Practice meetings with dogs in the woods. 

If you should by chance happen to meet a group of hikers while out in the woods be sure to have the dogs sit or lie to one side of the walkway so that the hikers can pass without feeling threatened. Also greeting them and perhaps giving a word of explanation of what all these dogs are doing will go a long way in avoiding any ill feelings and easing any concerns on the part of the hikers.
The same should happen if you happen to come across bikers. With bicycles remember that they stimulate the dogs natural desire to give chase much more than a person that is merely walking. Joggers are another concern that you must be aware of and take precautions for.

It is a good idea to train the dog for the eventuality of meeting hikers, joggers and cyclists. Teaching them to sit or lie down rather than jumping, giving chase or barking are some of the best things you can do.
Unless you are certain that all of the dogs in your group are extremely well behaved, mannered and obedient you will want the dog trainers to keep them on leashes at all times when there is the possibility that you will come across other people or animals while out training.
Training dogs how to behave around horses is another very important thing. Teach them to do the same as with any other encounter. Just remember that you will want to use a very calm and manageable horse for this exercise otherwise you could end up with some very serious problems on your hands.


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