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Practice “Stay” with dog in the work place


Practice “Stay” with dog in the work place. 

In this practice the dogs need to lie down one by one or in small groups in front of a work place. The dog trainer leaves dogs sight for a moment. Dogs that are more trained can sit freely, but they need to be looked over by the course instructor. As soon as the course instructor gives the order, the dog trainer goes back to his or her dog and takes him.

Practice “Stay” with dogs distracting. 

This practice requires for the dog to lie in front of a work place while the dog trainer steps away a certain distance from the dog but the dog trainer must be able to keep the dog at sight so that he will be able to use his visual or verbal signs if it were necessary. In the meanwhile, another dog trainer and his dog must pass by very slowly holding the dog with a loose leash in order to attract the attention of the other dog, then, the dog trainer lets his or her dog go and steps away from the dog. The first dog trainer now takes his or her dog. Now, it’s the next team’s turn to distract the new comer etc.

A group of people. 

In this practice the dog trainers pass by a group of people, one by one, on a loose leash. Everyone will have to decide on the correspondent distance depending on the level of training and character of the dog. If possible the dog trainer should remain standing, making his dog sit and stopping to say “hi” to another person by shaking that person’s hand.

“Stop” practice on crossways. 

This practice is done by walking on a sidewalk and by having each person walk behind the other. Four or five groups should go toward the same and closest crosswalk. As soon as everyone has gotten there, everyone at the same time needs to turn toward the street and have his or her dogs sit on the edge of the sidewalk. If traffic the traffic is light, all of the teams should cross the street simultaneously.


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