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Practice “Stop” with a dog on a raised surface


Practice “Stop” with a dog on a raised surface: 

For this practice you will need a raised surface, depending on the size of your dog (you can use some bricks and put a wooden board on them). The dog trainer walks in a straight line, with his or her dog on the leash, toward the lifted board and encourages the dog to get up on it; you could use a little reward to encourage the dog to get up. When the dog climbs on the dog trainer then has him sit. Then, the dog trainer walks away in a straight line, turns around and then calls the dog. Immediately afterward the dog trainer returns to the place where they both started. The dog trainer then makes the dog sit again and walks past the raised board or surface and calls the dog to get on the board again but this time alone. For dogs that do not have practice, it is convenient for the dog trainer to walk on the raised surface himself, or put a special snack or treat on the board to encourage the dog to walk on it alone. As soon as the dog climbs on the raised surface, the dog trainer tells the dog to “Stop!” very clearly, and the dog has to sit or lay. After the dog trainer goes toward his or her dog and tells him to come down. If you are working with another group of dogs, the next would do the same practice. One variation to this practice is instead of placing a raised surface, to put a marked circle on the ground, you can do this by using a rope or something similar and this way you will be able to make a big circle out of it. This place would be the “Stop!” circle, just make sure that the circle is visible for the dogs to see. The more trained and advanced the dog, the smaller the circle can be. Believe it or not, there are dogs that have difficulty with this type of training, so go slow.


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