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Practice stopping a dog cold while catching the “prey”

A rescue English setter plays in his new adopted families backyard. A happy ending for this little guy.

Practice stopping a dog cold while catching the “prey”. 

Set up this exercise in the same way as above and then the game would progress also in the same way. But now comes the difficult part both for the dog and trainer. While the dog is chasing the “prey” the trainer has to vigorously “Stop” the dog. The idea is to give the command to “Stop” or “Leave it” and then “Sit” before the dog catches the “prey.” As soon as the dog trainer commands their dog to stop the assistant that is moving the fishing pole with the toy attached must also stop the movement of the pole immediately. The dog trainer would then approach the dog and congratulate them vigorously for their behavior. The team would then retake their spot in the circle and the game would resume. For dogs that master this exercise of stopping before catching the “prey” you can increase the level of difficulty. When the dog trainer calls out for the dog to “Stop” and “Sit” the assistant would continue moving the fishing pole with the “prey” around. If the dog obediently stays seated for a short time then the dog trainer would give it the command to continue catching the “prey” as its reward for its excellent behavior.

Practice with the fishing pole but without an assistant. 

All of these exercises can be done without the help of an assistant. In place of the assistant the dog trainers themselves moves the fishing pole. However this form of practicing these exercises will only work if the dog is sufficiently trained, as it will be without a leash and is controllable from a distance.

Pointers for course instructor: 

Some dogs no matter how much you try will not be motivated to chase the prey. These lazy and laid back dogs can sometimes become motivated by watching other dogs doing the exercises. Some dogs are just plain over aggressive when it comes to hunting and possession of prey. With these dogs it is very important to keep a close eye on them that nothing untoward happens to either the assistant or other dogs that may catch the “prey” in their turn. Dogs that are overly aggressive should not be allow to play this game as they are off of the leash and out from under the direct control of their trainer and therefore the possibilities for problems are just too great.


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