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Practice walking a dog while changing pace


Practice walking a dog while changing pace.


Three colored (red-blue-green) posts, barrels or traffic cones place in a triangular shape with at least thirty meters between points. Place all of the teams in a line. The first team begins next to the red post in the starting position and walks at normal pace to the blue post. As soon as they reach the blue post the dog trainer changes pace and the team walks briskly from the blue post to the green post. As soon as they reach the green post the dog trainer again changes pace and the team walks slowly between the green post and the red post. When they arrive at the red post the first team retakes their place in the line and the following team moves up to the red post. The key is that the dog trainer must change the pace only upon reaching the respective post. The other teams should wait some distance away with the dogs lying down, except for the next team up, which should be in the starting position.

Practice “Heel” in pairs while doing the slalom.

Materials and preparation: 

The course instructor decides on a over sized slalom course and clearly marks it. For markers you can use posts, traffic cones or the fixed markers that are found on training fields.

The course instructor gives the command and the teams (in pairs) have to navigate the giant slalom. If possible try and pair teams that have dogs that are more or less the same size and speed. Once the dog trainers have learned to have the proper and unobtrusive control over the pace of their dogs then you could have a German Shepherd running next to a Chihuahua. But to start with make it as easy for the teams to do well. It is important that the paired teams walk closely together and make the turns at the same time. The pairs should stop at the points indicated by the course instructor and have their dogs sit quickly, then the dog trainers should move a short distance from their dogs. After a brief pause the pair should continue on with their pass.


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