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Practice walking dog on narrow forest path


Practice walking dog on narrow forest path. 

Sometimes it is just not possible for the dog trainer to walk with their dog at “Heel” either because the path is too narrow or there are thorny bushes on either side of the pathway.
In these cases you should teach the dog the command “Back” or “Slow” which you can also use as you start taking your dog into area that could be dangerous for it, such as walking in the mountains, near cliffs or in area with icy rivers. This verbal command should be made clearer with a hand signal (the palm of the hand motioning backwards) and if worse comes to worse the dog trainer should use their knee to slightly push the dog back while giving the command.

Pointers for the course instructor: 

Always be aware of not only the dogs and trainers but also passers by and other people who may be using the forest pathways or park walkways at the same time as you. They have just as much right to be there as you do.

Practicing hiking through open country with your dog. 

Now that your dogs and trainers have a good arsenal of commands to use that they have tried and proven the teams are ready for an open country “field test” to put their newly acquired skills to the test.

Pointer for course instructor:

To set up this excursion and have it be both fun and challenging you should plan a route before hand and then what skills you will be practicing at what points. Also you will want to make sure that should any unforeseen problems arise, you will be able to get the appropriate help quickly and without unnecessary risk to either the trainers or dogs.


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