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Practicing “Come” with a dog around food


Practicing “Come” with a dog around food. 

Lay out a blanket on the ground and on top of this place a number of different dishes of food. Try and put out a variety of different foods, like, sandwiches, hot dogs, cookies, hamburgers, chips, candy and even dog food. If you can make an alley way with two picnic blankets with food on top or simply put all the food on one side. The first dog trainer and dog should then pass by or through the spread of yummy distractions of food with the dog at “Heel” and once reaching the other side, have the dog sit and stay. The dog trainer then returns to the other side and turns to look in the direction of the dog. At the signal from the course instructor the trainer calls the dog who should obey quickly and without stopping to help themselves to a tasty morsel while on the way. Keep the waiting dogs a good distance away so that they don’t become an additional distraction to the dog that is involved in doing the exercise.

Practicing “Come” through a group of moving dogs. 

Have no more than eight dogs and trainers walking around in an area but without any particular order. One by one the dog trainers should take their dog and passing through the moving teams have their dog sit and stay on the outside of the group of dogs and trainers. Then the dog trainer passes back through the group of moving teams and at the signal from the course instructor gives the command to “Come” and the dog should obey quickly and decidedly without becoming over distracted by the moving dogs. The trainer would then put the dog back on the leash and take up their place moving around with the other teams. The next dog and trainer should follow suit.


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