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Practicing “Down” in a circle


Practicing “Down” in a circle. 

All of the teams should move in a circle formation and at the signal of the course instructor, have the dogs assume the “Down” position. The dog trainer however, would continue on walking around the circle until they reach their dog. At the command of the course instructor, the dogs would once again assume the Starting position.

Practicing “Down” in a line with advanced teams. 

The teams are positioned the same as in the previous exercise and exercise progresses in the same way. The difference is that this time the dogs are without leashes and are walking freely next to the dog trainer. Unlike the previous exercise the must lie down but the dog trainer would keep on walking forward in a straight line. Once all of the dogs are down the dog trainers would return to their dogs and assume the Starting position and the exercise would then finish in a similar way to the previous.

Practicing “Down” in a big Triangle

  • Material needed: Three posts (or barrels, traffic cones) of different colors (red-blue-green) are place in the shape of a triangle with a distance of twenty-five meters from point to point.
  • Groups: There should be three groups of teams, with approximately the same amount teams per group. Each group should be placed next to a post.

Group A should leave their red post and move in a loose formation to the center of the triangle and give their dogs the “Down” command. The dog trainers remain with their dogs. Group B then leaves the blue post and passing in between the dogs of group A continues on towards the red post. At this point group C leaves the green post and takes the place of group A in the center of the triangle. The dogs of group C would now be in the “Down” position with their dog trainers at their sides loosely in the center of the triangle. Group A should at this point be heading towards the free green post but when they reach it the group should immediately turn around and passing back through the dogs of group C head towards the free blue post. Group B that has been until now at the red post should now take the place of group C in the center of the triangle. Group C would then head towards the red post but upon reaching it immediately turn around and passing through the dog teams of group C head towards the green post. Our congratulations to the course instructor that can pull off this exercise without losing control over the three groups of teams.


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