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Practicing meeting with a greeting

Man with dogs on leashes sitting in grass

Practicing meeting with a greeting. 

Position your teams the same way as in the previous exercise. As the two first teams approach each other they would stop more or less in the middle of the two opposite groups and have their dogs sit. With the dogs sitting and the leash loose the two dog trainers would then greet each other and if possible shake hands. The next teams would then follow suit until all of the teams from the two groups are in the middle with the dogs sitting beside their dog trainers. Once the last pair have completed the exercise the course instructor would give a command and all of the teams would continue on in the original direction that they were headed in. The teams would then assume the place of the team in the opposite side.

Practice Meeting and Greeting with a reward system. 

Have all of the groups move in a disorderly manner with the dogs at “Heel” and at a signal from the course instructor all of the teams should stop and the dogs should take up the starting position at the side of their dog trainer. At the signal from the course instructor the first team would begin walking through and around all of the teams. The dog trainer will then choose a team and stops in front of them, the puts the dog in his place and greets the dog trainer with a handshake if possible. While this is happening it’s important both dogs stay sitting quietly while the dog trainers hold on to their leashes loosely. Then the dog trainer that came up to greet the other team should leave with his dog and then go on to do the same procedure with another group. The dogs that remain sitting are the teams the dog trainer should go to and not those that have not sat quietly.

Meeting on the street. 

Two equal numbered groups will face each other at about a distance of six feet forming an “alley”. The last two groups walk toward each other simultaneously, and then turn toward the alley in pairs. After this practice, the pair should separate and go back to their correspondent group.


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