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Practicing walking a dog over an inclined ladder


Practicing walking a dog over an inclined ladder. 

When the dog has become an expert at walking over the wooden fence it is then ready to face an even more challenging exercise. The inclined wooden ladder. One end of the ladder should be on the ground and the other end should be securely held about fifty to eighty centimeters off of the ground by placing it on a bench or some other sturdy surface. If you don’t have a ladder you can also use the same portion of wooden garden fenced and just incline it in the same way. The exercise should progress in much the same way as the previous two exercises and any new inexperienced dogs should be given the help and attention that they need to avoid any accidents. Make sure that the dog has a way to get down once it reaches the top of the ladder as they will not be able to walk back down the ladder at first. Once the dog has mastered going up the ladder you can begin teaching it how to go down, something that is substantially more difficult for them.

Walk in a dog on wire mesh fencing

Materials: For these exercises you will need a portion of wire mesh fencing. Make sure that the fencing’s holes are not large and that no part of the fence is sharp or pointed.

Practicing walking a dog over a horizontal wire mesh fence.

 Place the portion of the wire mesh fence securely on some bricks. The dog trainer brings the dog to the beginning of the fence and encourages it with treats and goodies to walk over. Consider it a good start if the dog only places its front two paws on the wire mesh fence at first. Slowly and with patience train your dog to do more but without ever pressuring it.

Practicing walking a dog over a inclined wire mesh fence. The highest point of the inclined wire mesh fence should not be more than thirty or forty centimeters off of the ground. Again practice walking over the fence with your dog but do not pressure them.


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