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Practicing with a dog in the city with different doors


Practicing with a dog in the city with different doors. 

It is important to practice with the dogs entering and exiting from the various different types of doors that are found in the city. Automatic doors, revolving doors, pressure doors; doors have an alarm triggered by a sensor etc…
The teams should take turns, one by one, going through the different types of doors taking care that the dog’s tail doesn’t become trapped in any of the automatic doors or their that their coats do not become trapped in any of the revolving doors. The teams waiting their turns should do so a good distance away to avoid any problems with other pedestrians.
The dogs should be taught not to try and rush ahead of their trainer but to always let them pass first or go through together at “Heel.”

Practicing in the city with telephone booths. 

As everyone knows, getting inside a telephone booth is not the easiest thing because of their small size, the fact that the doors close quickly and because of the metal floors (these factors vary from country to country, but what is true is that all telephone booths are small). The ideal would be to go in with your dog, making sure the dog is really close to you so you can close the door. Then take care of your phone business etc. If this practice is not something your dog wants to venture into, it’s probably because he feels scared and insecure. It’s best to help your dog into a phone booth without forcing it on him. You could start out by getting an assistant to help you keep the phone booth door open and practice taking the dog in and out of it. Once the dog is more confident about the whole ordeal, you can try to close the door. Bigger dogs might have a hard time fitting inside phone booths, so you will have to teach them to wait outside for you until you have concluded your phone conversation.


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