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Practicing with the dog for the big city


Practicing with the dog for the big city


Before beginning any exercises in the city it is crucial that the course instructor set up the rules and guidelines that all of the teams will need to follow. One of the most important rules that must be observed by all the teams it that never at any time should the dog be let off of the leash except when given the command to do so by the course instructor to allow the dog to perform a specific exercise. Another rule is that all of the trainers are responsible for any feces that the dogs leave along the way as so should carry disposable plastic bags to take care of any messes. Also passers by or bystanders should never feel threatened or bothered by the dogs or dog trainers and because of this last reason it is a good idea for the course instructor to break up any big groups into smaller and more manageable groups. It is a good idea that the dogs have a chance before entering the city to have a chance to greet each other, use the toilet and let off a little excess energy before beginning their excursion through the city proper.

City life: 

The first few exercises might seem overly simple but the trainers will soon learn that despite what they might think dogs are not very apt when it comes to city life. It is a good idea to hold the first practice sessions outside of business hours or on the weekends when there aren’t quite so many people around. The exercises themselves will be challenging enough for the dogs and trainers without there being the added distraction of large crowds moving around. Make sure that the dog trainer uses lots of patience and gentleness when helping their dogs become accustomed to the challenges of city life but if after all the help and coaxing that the trainer can give, the dog still can’t master a certain skill it would be a good idea for the dog to receive some expert help. The dogs should not be pressured into doing something that is outside of their capabilities and the trainers themselves should also acknowledge their own limitations if they hope to grow and overcome them.


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