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Line of purebred dogs in obiedience class

The most important rule to train and educate you puppy well is to establish from the very beginning, through games and play, a good friendship with the animal, as this is one of the essential in order for the dog to respect and obey you. Part of good training has to do with obedience and behavior, such as learning to obey and respect the off limit areas, in order for the dog to be able to live in your home and with your family. It’s important you give the dog a firm (not violent) training; you will see how quickly your puppy will learn since in physical development a dog advances about 10 times faster than humans do. Remember that good training involves some fundamental rules to be able to maintain a good relationship with the neighbors, to keep the family environment clean, for the personal hygiene of the dog, and to conserve good social relationships with people who may not even like dogs. It is a good show of education to respect also the people who do not fancy animals; in some cases the behavior of a dog and the owner has won the love and respect of people who thought they would never like dogs.

Each dog is different and each one has it’s own character. These characteristics vary in temperament, docility, bravery, curiosity, possessiveness, sociability etc. However there are certain elements of the character that are common between all animals one of which is the respect they show to the leader or one in charge. Domestic dogs identify with their owners, who are in a sense, the leader of their pack, that is of course, if the owner is able to impose authority and set some living rules. If your dog respects you he will let you train him and the results will be wonderful. It’s important the dog owner achieve this role by being firm, patient and consistent, but never in a violent way so that the puppy does not become afraid and which can actually lead the puppy to react violently. Training a puppy is not something that happens from one day to the next, you must give your puppy some time before he learns to behave the way you want him to. Small puppies tend to do their needs anywhere, and in this case, training is necessary and it must done sweetly and firmly. If you give in to violent reactions, even if they are just verbal, it can cause the puppy to grow with fear and untrusting of humans.


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