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Sample dog adventure Part: 2


The next bridge that the group comes across could be used as a practice of the dogs obedience, with the dog trainer having their dog sit and stay on the nearest side of the bridge and then crossing over calls the dog to “Come” and when the dog crosses the trainer would again put the dog on the leash. When the last dog has made it safely across then the whole group would continue on with the walk. The next stopping place would be a chance for the dogs to practice the command “Stay” all together. The dog trainers would one by one walk their dogs up to the indicated spot and unleashing their dogs tell them to sit and stay and then the trainer would walk a distance away to where all the other trainers are. Once all of the dogs are sitting together and at a signal from the course instructor the trainers would again one by one, recover their dogs and put them back on their leashes.

Now you would be a good time to come out of the wooded areas and practice hide and go seek with the dogs and trainers. As in the exercise that the group did in the training camp, one of the dog trainers would hold the leash (if necessary) of a dog while that dog’s master would go off a little (or long) ways back into the woods and hide out of sight. When the signal is given by the course instructor the trainer would let the dog off of the leash with a “Search” (or the like) command. Using a river that is not deep or flowing to quickly you can also have the trainer cross first and call to their dogs to follow. This is often a very difficult task for the dog to do on its own and will need lots of reassurance from its trainer. There are many other things that can be practiced and the only limitation is the imagination of the course instructor and of course the level of training that the dogs and trainers have received.
Again it is crucial that the course instructor keep the safety of the dogs and trainers first and foremost in all the planning and execution of the various exercises and challenges that the group is presented with. No dog or trainer should at any time feel threatened or pressured to do something that they don’t feel safe or comfortable doing. There is often a fine line between encouraging a team to perform some difficult maneuver and pressuring them into doing it, so the course instructor must use care and skill.


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