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Sample dog adventure walk through the town

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Sample dog adventure walk through the town

There are many different ways to arrange practicing a walk through the town. Since it is impossible to give exact instructions, we will make up a place you could practice in. Everyone could meet in a large beach parking lot that is located outside of the downtown area. Start walking with the dogs until a place where there is a very big open green field so that the dogs are able to run around a little. This is also a perfect time for the dogs to practice their obedience training as well. If anyone’s case, if you are passing by a park, you can use children’s playgrounds as a distraction as the first distraction. If the there is a nice climate where you live, you will definitely have yelling and rambunctious children running around. This causes some tension to dogs, but they need to remain attentive and willing to their dog trainers. There are parks and plazas that have benches that people sit down on to relax and soak up the sun. This type of set up can be used to practice with the dogs. Have the dogs pass by the people sitting down on the benches. If there is a dog trainer that has a better trained dog, you could try to go to a bench where there is only one person sitting. The idea is for the dog to stay quietly sitting or lying down, even if the conversation between the dog trainer and the other person on the bench goes on for quite awhile.

Next, you could practice having the dogs go up and down steps or stairs. It is important that dogs learn how to get over the steps on their own without pulling on the leash. Some dogs don’t always know how to handle stairs or steps so this practice should help.
Another place you could practice with the dogs is in an outside café. There are many outside cafes in many places that have nice flower arrangements on them etc and they are usually always full of people. This set up can be used to help the dog practice passing by bigger crowds of people. In this type of place the dogs should practice passing by very slowly. If you are interested in stopping to get a drink in a stand or an ice cream etc, you should have the dog or dogs “Sit”.

Sample dog adventure walk through the town 

Another good place to practice is in shopping areas. These types of places usually have diverse types of stairs, elevators, telephone booths, as well as shops. In some places there are also revolving doors which can actually be quite difficult for a dog to get through and some dogs have problems with the metal grating covering the ventilation shafts on the ground. Shopping areas also have food courts or food areas that have a wide variety of food and smells. There are some dogs that will most likely begin smelling the food that is on the ground. This type of situation might actually be a problem because the idea is not for the dog to go around eating trash off of the ground. These types of excursions will probably wear the dog and the dog trainer out as well. And it is important to not push them beyond what they are able to bear. Prize your dog for a job well done.

Public transportation and dogs

If possible, this practice should be done in a train station. Within a terminal station, the trains stop for a longer time and you will be able to practice calmly going in and out of the train. During your journey, the dogs should sit next to their dog trainers calmly.

Distractions caused by bicycles

This practice can be done in several different ways. One way is to have the teams wait sitting on the edge of a sidewalk while someone passes by very slowly on a bicycle. If you are in an area that is free of traffic, or in a parking lot for example, the group of dogs can be sitting in formation off the leash and can even be moving around slowly while the cyclist passes by them very slowly. This practice becomes even harder for the dogs when the cyclist comes up from behind them and passes by; you could even try having the cyclist ring the bell on the bike. In each one of these situations the dogs must act indifferent and pay attention only to their dog trainers.


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