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Saying “No” to a dog


Saying “no” in a firm and decisive voice is the first lesson or order that a puppy needs to learn from day one. If your puppy poops on your carpet say “NO”, or if it damages the couches, chews on shoes, if the dog puts its feet on the table etc.
Saying “NO” needs to be very clear to the puppy. Don’t doubt by any chance to use a firm voice at the moment the wrong incident is happening, don’t say it though if you were not in the room when the dog misbehaved.
Verbally punish your dog only at the exact moment the dog is misbehaving since if you say it afterwards the dog will not understand what it did wrong and it will think that whenever you call him, he is going to get punished (remember that dogs remember things through association).

Good dog habits: During the first months of a puppy’s life its teeth will also change. Just like kids, puppies have teeth and gum discomfort, which in turn causes them to want to chew on everything and this kind of behavior can cause considerable damage to your furniture. In order to avoid this, give your dog a toy or a rawhide bone or an old blanket to chew on and to alleviate the itch in it’s gums.

If you need to leave the house, make sure to put the puppy in a place it cannot bite at everything such as in a bathroom. Another alternative is to buy a small mobile fence (you can find these in specialized animal stores and online sites) and place it around the dog.
Don’t allow the dog up on the bed. You better believe that your problem will never end if you allow this. In the same way, you should not allow the dog up on the couches. If you don’t mind your dog sitting on the couches, it’s advisable to buy a cover for the couches, especially during shedding season.
Finally it’s very important to teach your dog to not jump on people; as we mentioned before, there are people that don’t enjoy getting jumped on. Accustom your dog to get pet and praised sitting down.


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