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Schnauzer Dog Breed Information


The Schnauzer does exceptionally well as a guard dog and is brave, loyal and obedient. Used extensively in the past as a “rat” dog, meaning that they would hunt down and kill rats for their masters. There are three recognized varieties of the Schnauzer: giant, medium and miniature. This breed is playful and patient with children and will keep close watch over them. The Miniature Schnauzer has the usual willfulness of smaller breeds and so needs firm handed training to help keep it in line.

Exercise needs: Depending on the size you have their exercise needs vary. The two larger varieties of the Schnauzer need vigorous exercise, preferably running free and playing, whereas the miniature simply needs daily walks. In the same way the miniature does well living indoors but the large ones do better living in a large yard where they can run and play.

Specialized care: All the Schnauzers need a regular brushing and once or twice a year they need their coats trimmed. It is not essential to dock the tail or cut the ears.

Appropriate for: The larger Schnauzers are perfect as guard dogs as they are watchful but not overly noisy. In fact the Giant and Medium Schnauzer rarely bark. Energetic and intelligent, this breed does well as a companion dog, especially the miniature variety. However if not well trained the miniature can easily become obsessive and unruly.


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