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English & Irish Setter Dog Breed Information


The English Setter and the Irish Setter Dog are both breeds raised especially as hunting dogs. Even if they haven’t been specifically trained as hunters they still have an instinctive and uncanny ability to track and locate prey. Both breeds of Setters are exceptionally beautiful and this along with their photogenic personalities has made them worldwide favorite choices as companion pets. The English and Irish Setters are both affectionate and sweet to a fault and for this reason do not do well as guard dogs. These intelligent animals develop deep and close relationships with their masters.

Need for Exercise: Born to hunt the Setter needs to have plenty of fresh air and vigorous exercise. They love water and swimming.

Specialized care: This breed needs its coat brushed regularly and as it loves running through the brush you must take care that it doesn’t end up with parasites or injuries. The head, neck and paws need to be trimmed every once in a while.

Minimum height:

  • Males: 56 to 62 centimeters
  • Females: 53 to 58 centimeters

Appropriate for: With an inborn love of wide open spaces this “hunter” dog is full of energy and this means that it requires a master that has complete “command” over it, otherwise the over energetic Setter can become uncontrollable.


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