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Shar Pei Dog Breed Info


The Shar Pei dog with an unmistakable aspect of this Chinese breed is undoubtedly marked by its wrinkles in it skin.
Height, weight: between 48 and 58 cm high, and weighs between 18 and 29 kg.
Fur, color: short, stiff and ruffled. Its texture and wrinkles, that form on its head and neck are the peculiarity that differentiates this breed. Black, blue-black, red, wafer and cream color.
Appropriate for: owners with experience and impulsive people. Its vigilant and hierarchal, especially with other dogs.
Not Appropriate for: those who want an easy-going and obedient dog.
As a member of the family: it won’t feel uncomfortable in any circumstance, only when it is in the city, for its skin. Is very quiet. Is not very friendly with other dogs.

Breed’s character: its a rural and austere breed , with a similar conduct of its ancestors, of a fighting dog. Its tendency to dominate, especially those of its kind, and its physical and psychic toughness, must be treated by training it well, in order to be able to enjoy its company. A good upbringing, from the time when it is still very small, is very important for the coexistence, when it’s a full grown adult.

Common sicknesses: entropy and skin problems.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.


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