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Spanish Greyhound Dog Breed Info


A pure bred Spanish Greyhound dog. It’s mentioned in one of the first paragraphs of Cervantes’ work of art, “Don Quijote”.

Height, weight: from 60 to 70 cm high; weighs around 25 kg.

Fur, color: short and straight. Although it is scarce, there are some cases with stiff hair. There are greyhounds of all different colors, but everyone’s favorites are the striped, black and wafer color ones.
Appropriate for: people who love sports and country sides, even better if they are riders.

Not Appropriate for: those who refuse to move around.

As a member of the family: calm, usually picks out one person of the family as its favorite. It is only able to be trained with love and firmness.

Breed’s character: noble. Very calm inside the house and very active outside. It likes to run: even though it is not the fastest of the greyhounds, it is considered to be one of the best distance runner. It won’t tolerate injustice and is not exactly docile. It is an ancient native, specialized in hunting of hares.

Common sicknesses: the muscular problems that dogs usually get from running too much.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.


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