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Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed Information


The Standard Schnauzer has a sturdy and robust character, with a clearly solid, marked outward appearance.

Height, weight: from 45 to 50 cm high; weighs 15 kg. More short and stocky than long.

Fur, color: rough, stiff and thick; the beard is typical in this breed. Pure black, pepper and salt.

Appropriate for: strong-willed people.

Not Appropriate for: indecisive or weak-character people.

As a member of the family: an excellent guardian. Shows a strong sense of ownership for the propriety. Is playful, even at an older age.

Breed’s character: psychic sensibility. Distrustful with strangers, brave. In past time, they used to keep the pens clean from rats, and would accompany the riders.

Common sicknesses: not very prone to sicknesses. In certain families they are prone to kidney stones.

Life expectancy: up to 12 years or more.


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