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Stimulating dog games using a fishing rod


Stimulating dog games using a fishing rod: 

For this game you will need to make a fishing rod. You can easily make one with a wooden pole and by tying to it a rope of about seven feet long. The rope should then be tied onto an object that will then turn into the “prey”. You could try to first practice using the fishing rod without the dog as it is not as easy as it might seem since you have to look out that no one gets hit or tangled in it. About six dog trainers should stand in a circle with their dogs. The dogs must be at starting position on a leash (the well trained dogs can sit without a leash on). In the center of the circle an assistant would jerk the fishing pole around so that the toy at the end jumps up and down and catches the dog’s interest.
To keep the dog’s attention the toy should jump around sometimes quickly and then slowly, changing direction from time to time.

Practice staying calm. 

As the assistant is moving the fishing pole with the toy attached around the dogs have to remain seated and in the starting position. The more the dogs have to wait the more excited they will become with the desire to catch the “prey.”

Practice catching the “prey”. 

With the fishing pole in motion and the teams in a circle around with their dogs sitting in the starting position, the course instructor gives the signal to one of the dog trainers that then releases their dog to chase the “prey.” As soon as the dog catches the “prey” the assistant stops moving the fishing pole and the dog trainer approaches the dog praising it and by trading toys (or giving it a food reward) removes the toy from its mouth. This team then retakes their place in the circle and the game resumes. While one of the dogs is chasing and catching the “prey” the other dogs are sitting at attention to the left of their dog trainer. If a dog is released but doesn’t want to chase the “prey” then the assistant would stop the pole and put the toy out of sight. The dog trainer would then call their dog or recollect them from inside the circle.


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