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Training & Teaching a dog “stay”


Training a dog to stay is a type of obedience training is very similar to the previous one and the objective for it is to teach the dog to stay in the same place until it gets a new command. “Stay” means “Stay down”, “Stay still”, etc, in other words “stay where I tell you to” and this is why a dog is usually taught to do this along with other training commands. Tell your dog “Sit” then, when he sits order him to “Stay” and wait a couple of seconds. If he is still sitting then praise and treat him. Repeat.
After he has proved a number of times that he understands what you want and performed it try telling him to “Stay” and then take one step back, wait a couple of seconds and then praise and treat.

The more reliable your dog becomes at obeying your “Sit”/”Stay” command the more distractions you can add into each training session. If for some reason your dog fails to command for a few tries in a row then you simply have to many distractions and need to go back and review the beginning steps with him.
Once he has mastered all the steps up to this point you are ready to move on with him to the next phase.
Begin adding more distance and time into your “Sit”/”Stay” command.
Choose a verbal command like “Free Time” to let your dog know when he is allowed to go.
Your dog should always wait for your “Free Time” command before moving.


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