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Visiting the veterinarian


Visiting the veterinarian: 

To do this practice you will have to designate a space with a door which will turn into the veterinarian’s office. Each dog should go into the door on a loose leash and not pull. Inside of the veterinary “office” there should be a bench, while the dog trainer talks to the “veterinary assistant” about his dogs disease or sickness. This person will then send them to the “waiting room”, which should have a few chairs (which could be tree trunks, if you are in an outside area). The dog trainer will wait here and the dog has to lie down. One by one, the rest of the dogs go inside the waiting room and it will be necessary to avoid the dogs from playing with each other. The “check up” now begins and the “veterinarian” calls the first dog into the check up room, which must have a table (any old table will do). As the veterinarian talks with the dog trainer, the dog must be sitting on a loose leash. The veterinarian will now begin to check the dog’s teeth, eyes, and ears. If possible, the dog must lie on the table. Make sure that the check up on the table is done only after the dog has lost the fear he may have of the table. You can pet and touch only very fearful and scared dogs until they have calmed down. The dog must remain on the table until the dog trainer puts him down. Then the dog trainer says bye to the “veterinarian” and takes the dog out passing by all the other dogs that are in the “waiting room”. As soon as the dog trainer gets to the “reception” desk, he “remembers” he forgot something in the veterinarian’s office. He or she must have the dog lie down and quickly come back. When the dog trainer comes back to the dog, the dog can only then get up as soon as he has gotten the order to. In the meanwhile the “veterinarian” can go calling in another dog and the whole process is repeated again.


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