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Walking a dog on a wooden garden fence



A length of wooden garden fence at least two meters long. The slates should be at least ten centimeters wide and transverse the entire width of the fence.

Practicing walking a dog over a low horizontal wooden fence. 

Place the portion of the wooden garden fence securely on some bricks. The dog trainer brings the dog to the beginning of the fence and encourages it to walk over. The dog should walk over step by step, placing its paws on the wooden slates. If the dog has a hard time at first, (this is very normal) you could have an assistant help position the dog’s rear paws on the slates while the dog walks forward. It is very important to have a lot of patience with your dog and reward them lavishly for any effort on their part.

Practicing walking a dog over a half meter high horizontal fence

Once the dog has master the previous exercise you can increase the level of difficulty by raising the portion of wooden garden fence. Since you will be raising the level of the fence to about half a meter, make sure to put a cement block or some other thing at the beginning and end of the fence for the dog to use as steps to get on and off the fence.

Safety Pointer: 

Safety is the first and most important thing when practicing these exercises. Never let the dog rush or jump as it could injure itself. Also any inexperienced dogs should be helped and watch with extra care to make sure that they don’t accidentally step in the space between the wooden slates.


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