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Warm up practice for the dog formation: alley


Warm up practice for the dog formation: alley.

Two groups with the same amount of teams line up in front of each other facing each other. There should be about tree meters between the two teams. This space between the two groups is the alley. The first pair of teams facing each other begin simultaneously walking towards the middle of the two groups and then turn inward at the same time so that the two teams are walking together through the middle of the alley with the dogs in the center of the alley and the trainers closest to the sides of the alley. When the pair reaches the end of the alley they would both turn outwards and take their places at the end of the lines forming the alley.

Warm up practice for the dog formation: circle. 

Four teams at a time walk forward together in a line and then return making the shape of a semi circle (or arch). The key is that each of the four teams remains in place and doesn’t get out of line. This means that the team on the inside of the group will almost be walking in place while the team on the outside of the semi circle will be moving faster than the two teams in the middle.

Practicing “Come” through a tube.

 Once a dog becomes used to being around tubes or tunnels and passing through them you can teach them to come when called even if they have to pass through a tube or tunnel to reach you.


 Safety should always come first and you should in no way feel pressured to do something that you think could endanger your dog. Be careful when calling your dog through a tunnel or tube that your body language expresses correctly what you want it to.


Even the most advanced dog enjoys receiving a reward for a job well done and this also helps to make it even more anxious to do the right thing in the future. Especially when practicing “Come” the trouble the dog takes to obey should be make worth its while.


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