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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Information


One of the most widespread breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is a brave friendly and affectionate dog. Looking very much like a wig this little dog was used for hunting and killing rats in times past and its high spirited nature makes it a good choice for a guard dog. Normally playful and affectionate the Yorkshire Terrier’s personality unfortunately makes it stubborn and difficult to handle. It is a sensitive dog that doesn’t do well without lots of attention and care.

Need for Exercise: This breed does well living in the city or an apartment and it needs no more than its daily walks to stay fit and healthy.

Specialized care: The Yorkshire Terrier’s hair is fragile but its coat needs daily brushing and combing to stay clean and nice looking.

It is normal to dock the tail of this dog and because of its predisposition to dental problems needs frequent checkups at the veterinarian.

Minimum height:

  • Males and Females: No taller than 23 centimeters and 3.5 kilos

Appropriated for: The Yorkshire Terrier is a true companion dog, affectionate, lively, friendly and easy going with other animals. Particularly playful and good with children, it is also very watchful and protective of them.
Has the tendency to bite other dogs and strangers. Its coat requires a lot of time and attention.


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